Below is a list of my current publications:

Network Structure Implied by Initial Axon Outgrowth in Rodent Cortex: Empirical Measurement and Models
D.J. Cahalane, B. Clancy, M.A. Kingsbury, E. Graf, O. Sporns and B.L. Finlay (PLoS ONE 6:1, 2011)

ttime: an R package for translating the timing of brain development across mammalian species
R. Nagarajan, R.B. Darlington, B.L. Finlay, B. Clancy (Neuroinformatics [8:201-05], 2010)

Cortical GABAergic neurons: stretching it
B. Clancy, J. DeFelipe, A. Espinosa, A. Fairen, S. Jinno, K. Rockland, N. Tamamaki, and X. Yan (Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 2010)

Late Still Equals Large
B.L. Finlay, B. Clancy, and R. B. Darlington (Brain Behavior & Evolution [75:4-6], 2010)

Cross-Species Analyses of the Cortical Gabaergic and Subplate Neural Populations
B. Clancy, T.J. Teague-Ross and R. Nagarajan (Frontiers in Neuroanatomy [3:20], 2009)

Phylogenetic proximity revealed by neurodevelopmental event timings
R. Nagarajan and B. Clancy (Neuroinformatics [6: 71-9], 2008)

Extrapolating Brain Development From Experimental Species To Humans
B. Clancy, B.L. Finlay, R.B. Darlington, K.J.S. Anand (NeuroToxicology [28(5): 931–937], 2007)

Neurodevelopmental changes of fetal pain
C.L. Lowery, M.P Hardman, N. Manning, B. Clancy, R.W. Hall, K.J. Anand (Seminars in Perinatology [31:275-82], 2007)

Chronology of the Development of the Mouse Visual System: Comparisons with Human Development
B.L. Finlay and B. Clancy (Eye, Retina, and Visual System of the Mouse, L. Chalupa and R.W. Williams (Eds.), MIT Press, [257-265], 2007)

Web-Based Method For Translating Neurodevelopment From Laboratory Species To Humans
B. Clancy, B. Kersh, J. Hyde, R.B. Darlington, K.J.S. Anand, B.L. Finlay (Neuroinformatics [5-1:79-94], 2007)

Fetal Pain?
K.S. Anand and B. Clancy (Pain Clinical Updates XIV [2:1-3], 2006)

Practical Use of Evolutionary Neuroscience Principles
B. Clancy (Behavioral and Brain Sciences [29:14-15], 2006)

Early Language Development and its Neural Correlates
E. Bates, D. Thal, B. L. Finlay, and B. Clancy (In F. Boller and J. Grafman (Series Eds.), I. Rapin and S. Segalowitz (Vol. Eds.), Handbook of Neuropsychology (2nd ed); Elsevier: Child Neuropsychology [8:525-592], 2003)

The developmental neurobiology of early vision
B.L. Finlay, B. Clancy, and M. Kingsbury (Advances in Infancy Research, Neurophysiology of Infant Vision. Hopkins and S. Johnston (Eds.), Praeger Press [1-32], 2003)

Translating Developmental Time Across Mammalian Species
B. Clancy, R.B. Darlington, and B.L. Finlay (Neuroscience [105:7-17], 2001)

Structure and Projections of White Matter Neurons in The Postnatal Rat Visual Cortex
B. Clancy, M. da Silva Filho, and M.J. Friedlander (Journal of Comparative Neurology [434:233-252], 2001)

Brain Development and Language Learning: Implications for Prevention of Non-Biologically Based Language-Learning Disorders
D. Thal and B. Clancy (Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology [25:52-76], 2001)

Neural Correlates of Early Language Learning
B. Clancy and B. Finlay (Essential Readings in Language Development, M. Tomasello and E. Bates (Eds.), Blackwell Publishers [307-330], 2001)

Brain-development Timeline,
Cornell News (July 10, 2001)

The Course of Human Events: Predicting the Timing of Primate Neural Development
B. Clancy, R.B. Darlington, and B.L. Finlay (Developmental Science [3:57-66], 2000)

Widespread Projections from Subgriseal Neurons (Layer VII) to Layer I in Adult Rat Cortex
B. Clancy and L.J. Cauller (Journal of Comparative Neurology [407:275-286], 1999)

Backward Cortical Projections to Primary Somatosensory Cortex in Rats Extend Long Horizontal Axons in Layer I
L.J. Cauller, B. Clancy, and B. W. Connors (Journal of Comparative Neurology [390:297-310], 1999)

Reduction of Background Autofluorescence in Brain Sections Following Immersion in Sodium Borohydride
B. Clancy and L. J. Cauller (Journal of Neuroscience Methods [83:97-102], 1998)