Dr. K. C. Weaver

Department of Chemistry
University of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR 72035

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office: 303B Laney Hall

phone: 501-450-5943

fax: 501-450-3623

email: kcweaver@uca.edu

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B. S., 1978 Chemistry Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio

Ph. D., 1986 Organic Chemistry The Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

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Did you know?
Students can check out laptops in the library. Two IDs are required: student ID and another picture ID. The laptop CANNOT leave the library. The laptops have wireless internet access (which you can use in various places in the library). You check out a laptop at the circulation desk.

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Course materials

button  Chem 1400 - Chemistry in Society

button  Chem 1402 - Physiological Chemistry I

button  Chem 2450 - Physiological Chemistry II

button   Chem 2401 - Organic Chemistry I

button   Chem 3411 - Organic Chemistry II


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Questions? email Dr. Weaver: kcweaver@uca.edu


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