Adlerian Study Questions


1.  What is the Adlerian view of early childhood experiences?

2.  Concerning Adlerian lifestyle, what can be said…

a)       By what point in life is it usually set?

b)      Are all lifestyles the same?

c)      What is the importance of early family interaction in the development of lifestyle?

d)      What is the role of perceived inferiority in the development of lifestyle?

3.      To what extent did Adler believe that human development was…

a)  Motivated by sexual urges?

b)  Motivated by social urges?

c)  Motivated by purpose and goals?

4.     How does the Freudian doctor-patient relationship contrast with the Adlerian therapeutic relationship?

5.     Understand the concept of “social interest.”

6.     What are the five basic tasks Adler says we must master?

7.     What does the process of encouragement include?  How does encouragement operate and how can it be overcome?

8.     What are the stages of Adlerian counseling?

9.     What is the purpose of asking clients to give their earliest recollections?

10. What does pointing out a client’s top priority enable them to recognize?

11. What is the Adlerian view concerning the use of timing and techniques?

12. What is meant by the “phenomenological orientation?”

13. Define “fictional finalism.”

14. What happens during the phase of analysis and assessment?

15. What was the major contribution of Rudolf Draikurs?

16. Briefly describe the possible characteristics of birth order

a)     Oldest child

b)    Second child

c)     Middle child

d)    Youngest child

e)     Only child