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The purposeful nature of our work needs to be understood.  It is no longer enough to hope that people understand what we are doing—we must tell them and show them.
William J. Sparks, 1965 Priestley Medalist

Current Schedule of Speakers

last updated 4/3/2013

Instructions for presenters

   The format for presentations is informal. One transparency should be used and only to present complex structures or abbreviations. The majority of the talk (10-15 min) should be "chalk-talk" All active student researchers (undergraduate and graduate) are encouraged to participate.

   Practice sessions are encouraged. Contact P. Desrochers if you are interested in practicing before your official chalk-talk date.

   Speakers are encouraged to talk even if they "have no results to present."  Discuss the intended outcome, what hasn't been working, or what are some of the future plans for the research. New student researchers are also encouraged to talk. These chalk-talks are good opportunities for new researchers to outline anticipated experiments and the rationale for them.

   Speakers should aim their talk to a broad audience. Be conscious of the fact that most of the audience will know little about the specific science or math being presented; avoid discipline-specific jargon.

   Questions and discussions involving the audience are welcome. Audience participation is based on a genuine interest in the student research conducted in the college and an interest in supporting the efforts of the speakers who are doing the work.

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Send to:

Patrick Desrochers

by completely filling out this linked form

Department of Chemistry

450-5939    email


Feb 21

1:40 – 2:30 pm

MCS 219


Mishal Benson
(Mason, Phys.&Astr.)


Brandon Ashley, Thomas Deatherage
(Arrigo, Math)


R. Kyle Eichelberger


Desiree Shaw
(Entrekin, Biol.)

Mar 26

1:40 – 2:30 pm

LSC 100


Jordyn Cleavenger
(Naylor, Biol.)



Chris Fuller, Jasmine Gilbert
(Entrekin, Biol.)


Tristan Odekirk 
(Slaton, Phys&Astr)


Bryan Wofford 
(Addison, Phys&Astr)

Apr 16

1:40 – 2:30 pm

Laney 104


Ashley Hicks
(Slaton, Phys.&Astr.)


Clifford Tawiah


Josh Goodner


Jerrod Ward
(Slaton, Phys&Astr)