Foods From Leaves, Stems and Roots

I. Introduction

What leaves, stems and roots can you eat? And, if you do, when?

A. Overview of plant body/organs

II. Structure and Function in Plants

A. Leaves

1. Features

leaf structure internal anatomy


meristems leaf meristem transport in phloem anti-herbivory

2. Examples of Leaf Crops

a. Brassicaceae (Mustard Family)

b. Asteraceae

c. Apiaceae (Carrot Family)

d. Chenopodiaceae (Goosefoot Family)

B. Stems

1. Features

stem structure

meristems lateral


2. Examples of Stem Crops

a. Asteraceae

b. Liliaceae



c. Solanaceae


Potato famine phytophthora infestans population of Ireland

d. Poaceae 

Sugar cane

e. yams (Dioscoraceae)

C. Roots

1. Features

root structure

2. Examples of Root Crops

a. Brassicaceae

b. Chenopodiaceae sugar beets

c. Euphorbiaceae

d. Convolulaceae morning glory