Biological Molecules


1. Review of carbon structure and chemical bonding

2. Subunit Molecules and Functional Groups

     -the functional groups

     -the subunits:

3. Macromolecules


a. functions

    glycosidic bond

b. starch (amylose) in plant cell 

c. glycogen in animal cell

d.  cellulose microfibrils cell wall

e.  chitin in insect exoskeletons 


a. functions 

b. neutral or uncharged fats monoglyceride triglyceride

c. importance of double bonds

d. charged lipids

e. micelles, liposomes, membranes

f. cholesterol  steroids  side effects from steroid use


a. functions

b. the peptide bond

c. the 20 amino acids

d. 4 levels of protein structure


secondary (helix, pleated sheet) animations

tertiary (globular proteins); What stabilizes and maintains tertiary structure?

quaternary catalase (Sickle Cell Anemia)