NJ Getson, Department of Physics and Astronomy


PHYS 1401: Summer 2016


I am Nancy Jo Getson, and I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Central Arkansas. I have been at UCA since 2000, teaching a range of courses including Physical Science, Descriptive Astronomy, College Physics, Introduction to Engineering, Statics, and Dynamics.

Before coming to UCA, I spent a year teaching physics at the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. Before that, I spent time on the Washington coast at Grays Harbor College. At GHC, I was responsible for introductory engineering courses (design and drafting), engineering mechanics (statics, dynamics, deformable solids), materials science, and computer science. And before that? Well, there actually is a before that. My first teaching job was at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona, where I taught an assortment of astronomy, physics, and engineering courses.

I earned a BS in Physics from Michigan State University, and an MS in Materials Science and Engineering from Arizona State.

I would tell you exciting stories about my fascinating hobbies, except nobody but me finds them fascinating. Unless you want to hear amusing anecdotes about running my dog or mowing my lawn. I do cook. A lot. Sometimes I write about it.

In the meantime, if you have read this far, you are probably enrolled in one of my classes and are wondering where the heck is all that important course material that I was raving and foaming about in lecture the other day. Look to the left. Look right. Click where appropriate.

And before I forget: the opinions expressed on these pages are wholly my own. They do not represent the opinions of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, or the opinions of the University of Central Arkansas, or the opinions of any members of the faculty or staff of this institution.

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