Assignment 04: Due 02/26/18

Chapter 03: Project Management

Answer each of the following questions briefly, but completely. Use your textbook and any additional references you may need. Typewritten pages are preferred, but not required. You may submit handwritten pages, but they must be completely legible. Handwritten responses which cannot be read will receive no credit.

Keep your responses brief; there should not be a need for a multi-page response to any of the questions. A few sentences should be sufficient.

Please do not copy/paste paragraphs from Wikipedia; you will be discovered instantly, and you would never insult the intelligence of your boss or a paying client by handing them poorly written and possibly incorrect information. Not to mention the damage you do to your own credibility and reputation.

  1. (5 points) Without explicitly naming your Project 01 team members (Give everybody a creative code name! Try it! It’ll be fun!), construct an organizational chart similar to Figures 3.2 and 3.4. While you don’t need to invent titles for everyone (just make everyone a Vice President in charge of something), you do need to be sure to explain clearly what the role of each member will be over the course of the project. How did your team decide which role(s) each person would play?
  2. (6 points) Example 3.1 in the textbook shows how to construct a PERT chart for constructing a house. Using the provided PERT chart as your guide, construct a Gantt chart for the same project. Assume that construction will start on March 01, 2018, and that the plans have been approved by the architect, the builder, the homeowner, and all necessary permits have been obtained. The home is a single-family residence, to be built in a brand-new subdivision on an approximately 0.25 acre lot. Add two tasks to the Gantt chart which are not given in the example, but which will need to be completed before the home can be occupied (for example, the rooms will need to have some kind of flooring installed).
  3. (4 points) Based on your Gannt chart above, what is your estimate for the total time of the build? Why, then, does it typically take much longer than that for new home construction? Cite three possible reasons for this. Your reasons must be different (i.e., “bathroom tile on backorder for 6 weeks” and “kitchen tile on backorder for 3 weeks” are not two different reasons; they are two different examples of the same reason for delay). On the other hand, how can a television program like “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” construct a new home from the ground up in seven days? How would your Gantt change if your project had to be completed in only 7 days?

You can download a .pdf copy of these questions, or find them in the ENGR 1301 course folder.

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