Assignment 05: Due 03/07/18

Chapter 03: Documentation and Legal Issues

Answer each of the following questions briefly, but completely. Use your textbook and any additional references you may need. Typewritten pages are preferred, but not required. You may submit handwritten pages, but they must be completely legible. Handwritten responses which cannot be read will receive no credit.

Keep your responses brief; there should not be a need for a multi-page response to any of the questions. A few sentences should be sufficient.

Please do not copy/paste paragraphs from Wikipedia; you will be discovered instantly, and you would never insult the intelligence of your boss or a paying client by handing them poorly written and possibly incorrect information. Not to mention the damage you do to your own credibility and reputation.

  1. (5 points) Briefly distinguish between a technical report and a peer-reviewed journal article. Why is the peer review process important?
  2. (5 points) The textbook uses a case study (Section 3.3.7) to illustrate the importance of meticulously keeping a good engineering log book. Summarize why the logs kept by Heartthrob engineer Dr. Maven ended up being so important.
  3. (5 points) Do a little bit of googling on intellectual property. What are some forms of intellectual property? If you were an engineer employed (with a written contract) by a client to design Object X, what happens to your engineering log books at the end of the project? Who owns them?

You can download a .pdf copy of these questions, or find them in the ENGR 1301 course folder.

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