Assignment 07: 03/26/18

Chapter 04: The Internet

Answer each of the following questions briefly, but completely. Use your textbook and any additional references you may need. Typewritten pages are preferred, but not required. You may submit handwritten pages, but they must be completely legible. Handwritten responses which cannot be read will receive no credit.

Keep your responses brief; there should not be a need for a multi-page response to any of the questions. A few sentences should be sufficient.

Please do not copy/paste paragraphs from Wikipedia; you will be discovered instantly, and you would never insult the intelligence of your boss or a paying client by handing them poorly written and possibly incorrect information. Not to mention the damage you do to your own credibility and reputation.

  1. (5 points) Last week, you were instructed to use Google to research the Tucker Tin Goose prototype. How do you know the information you found was correct? What sort of criteria should you apply to evaluate whether a website contains credible information? Conversely, what warning flags alert you that a page contains biased or erroneous information?
  2. (10 points) We are not going to cover CAD programs in this class, for a variety of reasons. But at some point during your engineering education or career, you might need to acquire some skills and experience with a CAD program. There are many, many programs out there, but you might be constrained by your environment; if your university or workplace is site-licensed, you’ll use what’s available to you. However, let’s say that you are tasked with making the decision for your small (5-10 people) research group (if you’re in grad school) or office (if you’re employed by an engineering firm). Use your Internet Bloodhound Skills to:
    1. List at least 3 program features or functions that your CAD program absolutely must have or do;
    2. Locate at least 3 available software packages which meet your selection criteria;
    3. Compare your choices and come to a decision. If I’m your research advisor or project manager, I am going to want to see how you chose, so you should justify here how well your 3 candidate CADs meet your criteria (or fall short), and why you made the selection you did. Without copy/paste-ing (because these are pretty easy to locate online, even if you are not an Internet Bloodhound), you should be able to put together a convincing table or chart that illustrates how you made your decision.

You can download a .pdf copy of these questions, or find them in the ENGR 1301 course folder.

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