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Archived exams consist of genuine test questions asked on genuine exams taken by genuine students. All natural! No artificial additives or preservatives!

Documents are .pdf format for easy reading and pretty printing. If the document does not open in your browser window, check your default downloads location. The file may have automatically downloaded to wherever you tell the files you download to go.

Answers are provided on a separate page, just in case you want to take a sample exams like a real test, just to see how you'd do.

I do not recommend trying to memorize the answers to the questions; when I edit the questions on the test that you will be given, and change the question wording from "is" to "is not", you want to still be able to answer the question. You need to use the sample exams actively, as opposed to passively. This means getting out a pen and marking up the paper. Note why answer A is wrong, or cross out the wrong word and make it right.

There are also simply too many potential questions to memorize. You should use these questions strategically: have your notes at hand, along with your textbook. You should be able to see the direct correlations between what we have discussed in lecture (and how we have framed our discussions) and the sample questions. Use your notes to help you gauge how much detail will be on the test (for example, if we spent 20 minutes on two slides, chances are there will be more than a passing reference on the exam). Use your text to research any questions you may not completely comprehend (for example, if you are not sure why a particular response is incorrect or need another example of how to work a numeric problem).

These sample tests simply cannot be your only study tool if you expect to pass this class. You will have to actually use your textbook and notes to read, learn, and understand the material.

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