Labs meet Thursday in LSC 161. Lab attendance is mandatory, and you must attend the section in which you are enrolled. Expect to attend every lab every week, and expect to have to stay for a full 75 minutes. It is very likely that some labs won't take as long, but you can't know in advance when you might finish up fifteen minutes early, so please do not make plans to be somewhere else during lab hours.

Ten lab assignments will count toward your course grade. There are eleven labs scheduled on the calendar. If you must miss a lab, Make-Up Lab 11 represents the only opportunity you will have to participate in a make up. If you choose, you may complete all eleven lab exercises. If you do complete all 11 labs and quizzes, only the highest ten quiz scores will count towards your grade. The lowest quiz score will be dropped.


You will complete a lab summary/quiz before you leave. Each lab will be assessed via the completion of a summary sheet or quiz. You should be prepared to complete the work as you complete the lab exercise, and submit it before you leave. No lab work will be accepted after the end of the lab hour.

Lab Supplies

You're going to need a calculator. You will need a scientific calculator. If you have a TI graphing calculator, this is perfect. However, if you don't−don't panic. You will not need a graphing calculator, and inexpensive scientific calculators are easily available. A base-model scientific calculator can be found for under $20. Also, the library lets you check out calculators.

There is a lab manual posted online in .pdf format, and each week's lab handouts are also online in .pdf format. You are required to download and print out your own lab materials prior to coming to lab. No paper copies will be provided by the lab instructor! Read the assignment carefully before coming to lab, then come prepared. Review the sections of the text that pertain to the exercise and make a note of any questions that you might have. You should record all data, calculations, and answers to questions in your lab notebook.

Office: LSC 014

Phone: 501.450.5910