UCA Department of Chemistry Seminar

Seminars held in Laney Hall Room 104 beginning at 2 pm unless otherwise noted
For information about these and other seminars in the department contact
Patrick Desrochers (501-450-5939).
*Lunch for students with the seminar speaker provided from 12 – 1 pm, Laney Hall Rm 103.


January 2014


10         Introduction day, Lottery Drawings!



17         3-slides, 3 minutes: General Chemistry



24         feedback day



31         A. Corken, UAMS*

Platelet glycoprotein Ib-IX is a regulator of systemic inflammation

                 email                                                                           Abstract


February 2014


 7          C. Sutton, Georgia Tech University*

Understanding The Charge-transport Parameters In
Organic Semiconductors

             email                                            abstract


14         K. Ding, Middle Tennessee State University*

Organometallic Approaches to Nitrogen Fixation Chemistry and Mechanism Elucidation for Cyclic Ester Polymerization

             email                                            abstract

21         3-slides, 3 minutes: student choice

28         1 pm      K. Winter     C. Nowotny     E. McMoran
             2 pm       A. Owen       G. Shores        A. Bizzell



March 2014


  7         1 pm     M. Bishop      S. Perez       R. Holt

             2 pm     A. Kimbriel    M. Pauly      A. Nsereko



14         P. Adams, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville*

             Biochemical Approaches to Characterize the Molecular              Basis of Abnormal Cell Signaling Function Involving Ras-             Related Proteins

             email                                            abstract



16-20   ACS National Meeting in Dallas



21         1 pm    H. Blakely     H. Vangilder 

             2 pm      E. Lewis       J. Watts


28 Spring Break  

April 2014


 4          1 pm      E. Avila       P. Bell         A. Kwizera

             2 pm        K. Moore    S. Collins       



11         1 pm      J. Davis                  M. Tyree

             2 pm       J. Kordsmeier       L. Mason        A. Pearce



18         CNSM poster symposium  McCastlain Ballroom 2 – 4 pm



25         Study Day, no class