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> Science and the educated person (Chem 1400 link)

> Student Presentations: Do They Benefit Those Who Listen?
____by. M. Weimer, The Teaching Professor Jan. 2012

> A How to Give a Talk talk
____by C. Cramer, University of Minnesota

> 10 Keys to an Engaging Scientific Presentation J. Stanchak ACS Axial

> Better chemistry posters M. Morrison

> Public speaking advice (Chem. & Eng. News, Mar 2018)

> Designing Effective Scientific Figures (M Rolandi, et al. Adv. Materials 2011)

> How to tell a story (what one does in a seminar) D. McDermon NYTimes 4/26/18

> A. Alda Center for Communicating Science

> Communicating science: POV Bill Nye PBS S31:E1 April 2018

> Communicating Science to Policymakers (J. Weintraub to AR EPSCoR, 2021)

> Science Talk (science communication organization)

> Desrochers advice on slides

> Seminar bingo

> Seminar planning vs reality

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Chem 4112, Chemistry Seminar

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