MUS 1233 -- Ear Training 2

MacGAMUT Assignments for Spring 2015

  1. Download these three files to your MacGAMUT folder:
  2. Double-click your start.mgs file and load the new .mgp file into your MacGAMUT program.
    You only have to load the presets once this semester.
    (DON'T try to load the .mgh and .mgm files when it asks for the .mgp file.
    Just keep them in your MacGAMUT folder. If MacGAMUT can't locate the .mgm and .mgh files,
    it will ask you to locate them. Also, there is no Rhythmic Dictation this semester file,
    so don't worry if MacGAMUT asks you for the Rhythm file--just continue on.)
  3. Complete the assignment.
  4. Attach a copy of your .mgs file to an email and send it to YOUR ear training teacher, either OR

    and also Cc: (carbon copy) it to our graduate assistant, Sarah Cain at

All MacGAMUT assignments for this semester: