The Plot

“Table at Luigi’s” is a modern day fairy tale about David, “Chef” to his friends, who creates living dreams for people through his cooking.  Chef has created a small, safe world for his friends inside his restaurant “Luigi’s,” until the night Emily walks in, and Chef begins to realize that the dreams he’s been creating have locked him in his own dream world.  Can Chef leave the world he’s created?  Does he even want to?  


The Making of the Film

"TABLE AT LUIGI'S" began as a thesis project for writer and director Joe Dull's MFA in Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA.  The work has been been presented on stage by the StormSeekers Theatre Company in Orange, CA.

In 2008 the idea to make a feature length film in at the University of Central Arkansas was born.  Joe spent the next year revising the script in preparation for production in the summer of 2009.

Backed by a supportive department and faculty at UCA, strong student interest and incredible community support, "Table at Luigi's" began pre-production in May 2009.  With a budget of only $4,000 cameras were rolling on July 5th with the entire film in the can by August 2nd!

The post-production team began working while the cameras were still rolling and the first cut was screened in mid-October.  After a series of edits and screenings, the picture lock deadline of December 18th, 2009 was met and the film was turned over to the composer and sound design and effects teams for the finishing touches.  The premiere screening will be held April 12, 2010 at Reynolds Performance Hall on the University of Central Arkansas Campus in Conway. 

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