Lab Reports

There will be several laboratory exercises to complete over the course of the semester.  You will be responsible for completing the experiments within the time provided.  Formal lab reports are required for each of the experiments (100 points each).  You are also required to keep a notebook documenting all four of the experiments.  This should be hard-bound, preferably with quadrille-ruled pages. 

Because of both equipment and space constraints, the lab equipment for each of the experiments will be set up for two weeks.  You will have only that window of opportunity for completion.  Report due dates depend on the lab completion dates, but in general you will have two weeks after completing an experiment to write your report.  If you fail to complete the experiment within the required time period, you will receive a zero for that lab report.  You may not skip the lab, then rely on someone else's data to write a report. You may not strike a bargain with  your best pal in which you do one lab, they do the other, and you collaborate on the reports.  Your report must be your own original work based on your own experimental data. I should not have to tell you that.

Your lab report must conform to the specifications outlined.  For best results, you should plan to prepare a draft and bring it in for consultation before the due date.  I will be happy to discuss your draft and make suggestions for improvement.