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Chem 1450

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Chem 1451, College Chemistry II

Spring 2017

Lecture (LM 104): TTh 8:00-9:15 am

Lab (LM 206): Th 10:50a-1:30p | Th 2:40-5:30p | Fr 800-1050a

Dr. Marsha Massey (lab instructor) LM 203D  

Other times available by appointment.

Mastery you must
bring to this class.

More importantly, a thorough understanding of the following Chem 1450 topics is critical to your success in this course:

▪ density, unit conversions (Ch 1)                  ▪ gases (Ch 5)
▪ atomic structure (Ch 2,7)                              ▪ thermodynamics (Ch 6)
▪ ion and compound formulas (Ch 3)             ▪ periodic properties (Ch 7,8)
▪ stoichiometry (Ch 3,4)                                ▪ dot structures and molecular shape (Ch 9,10)
▪ net ionic equations (Ch 4)                             ▪ molecular polarity (Ch 10)
▪ molarity and mass percent (Ch 4)          
Chapters and problems refer to Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, 3rd Ed. by N. J. Tro.

The Chem 1450 review quiz is given in class. Study for it by working the following end-of-chapter questions. See me during office time well in advance of this date with any questions about this review material.
            Ch 1: 115, 116                                    Ch 6: 77-81,86,91
            Ch 2: 51-57,84-86                              Ch 8: 69,70,75,76,98
            Ch 3: 37-45,47-50                              Ch 9: 61-68
            Ch 4: 51,75-78,108,112                     Ch 10: 47-52
            Ch 5: 76,77,91,92                              
The formulas and charges of major polyatomic ions must be memorized. 
These are listed in Table 3.5 on p 99.

Don’t wait. Use this opportunity to
catch up early.
As the semester
progresses and its demands consume your time, it is harder to go back to relearn material.

Tutoring TTh 530-730p
              LM Rm 103

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