Michelle Talley

Lecturer at the University of Central Arkansas

Michelle Talley
Emailptalley2 at uca.edu
OfficeMCST 302
HoursM, W, F 11-12:50pm and 3-3:50pm (by appt)
Address201 Donaghey Ave., Conway, AR 72035
Courses Taught
CSCI 2320 Data Structures
CSCI 2340 Assembly Language
CSCI 2310 Introduction to Data Science
CSCI 4305 Linux/UNIX
CSCI 4191 Seminar in Applied Computing
CSCI 1300 Introduction to Computing
CSCI 1120 Introduction to Presentation Software

Spring 2023 Classes
M/W/F 9am CSCI 2310 Introduction to Data Science
M/W/F 10am CSCI 2340 Assembly Language
M/W/F 1pm CSCI 2320 Data Structures
M/W/F 2pm CSCI 2320 Data Structures