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This page is no longer actively maintained. The photograph above dates from around 2002. For more recent class information follow the link below under course resources. I am currently serving as the dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Other updated information can be found by following the "CNSM Home" link on the left.
Philosophy on Messy Offices

Course Resources

Recent classes are listed on my Google site.


Undergraduate Research in Quantum Mechanics at the University of Central Arkansas
Gordon Conference Poster, Mt. Holyoke, MA - June 2002 - PDF of Poster
Characteristic Functions in Radar and Sonar
Thirty-Fourth Southeastern Symposium on System Theory - March 18, 2002 - PDF of presentation
Using TeX/LaTex to Enhance Science Courses
Techfest Presentation - April 17, 2001 - Tex and other links
Visualization Tools in the Classroom and on the Web
IDC Presentation - February 13, 2001 - Text and useful links
A method to illustrate the extensive and intensive properties of thermodynamic variables
Gordon Conference Poster, Plymouth, NH - June 2000 - PDF of Poster


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