Lecture Notes

Outlines for chapters 01 through 12 are provided for you as .rtf documents.  When you click on a link, the document should download automatically.  Check your downloads folder, because it will not open automatically in your browser window.  You should be able to open and edit the file using whichever text editor or word processor you prefer.

These outlines follow the structure of the in-class presentations, but are not intended to serve as a substitute for attending class.  You will notice a conspicuous lack of graphics and example problems.  That is on purpose.  The only real service these outlines perform is keeping you from having to try to scribble down each bullet point before I advance to the next slide.

These outlines are also several semesters old, so they may not correspond verbatim to the slides.  This is for the best, since it probably means that I have updated and improved the presentation materials.  Plus, it should discourage you from napping (if the clicker questions do not provide sufficient motivation for remaining wakeful).

The clicker questions are also posted. Look for the clicker slideshows here.